Ooo Ooo Eee Ah Ooooo

a09271ac919a67fa8a4a7858ce29dacbGuess who’s going to learn to speak gorilla! ME! I am officially hiking to see the gorillas on Saturday! I am beyond excited!! For those of you who don’t know, my favourite Disney movie has always been Tarzan and, subsequently, my favourite animal has always been the gorilla. They are such amazing creatures, so intelligent and family-oriented. I am blown away by how they learn sign language and create intricate communities. Tarzan was an introduction to this gorilla world (albeit a mostly non-factual intro). I loved the adventure and the oneness with nature and swinging through the trees and all the animal friends. But I think what stuck out to me most was the freedom that Tarzan experiences as he grows and lives in the wild. You can see the pure energy and life that he has as he explores the forest and learns to work with his surroundings. I know this is a kids movie, but I think the lessons we can learn here are important.

Do you have anything in your life that makes you feel alive?

Asking questions like this are key ways in which we can explore our own lives and perhaps even find direction and purpose. I knew going into college that working a 9-5 job at a desk was definitely not for me. I wanted more flexibility and creativity and movement, and maybe you can get that in a 9-5 desk job, who knows, but figuring out what I wanted, what 20160928_123231mattered to me, really guided me to what I do today: teaching special education. Everyday I am challenged to find what works for my kids, to adapt and be flexible. Everyday I get to see these students learning new things about themselves and I love it! Everyday I get to make a difference. Everyone is different and the thing that makes you light up and get excited doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be volunteering at an animal shelter (PUPPIES!) or creating connections at the job you already have. It might not be as easy as asking yourself ‘what makes me feel alive’ or ‘what do I want out of my life’, but these are good places to start. Things to think about, to keep in the back of your mind, so maybe if you find something you’ll recognize it. Something that challenges you, while at the same time giving you the freedom to be yourself. Something that you love.

Hiking to see the mountain gorillas is something that makes me feel alive! I am so pumped to see the gorillas, I know this is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life and probably talk about all the time.

Me: Let me tell you the story about when I went to see the mountain gorillas…
Friends: This story again?

Me: Let me tell you the story about when I went to see the mountain gorillas…
Grandkids: Can’t we hear about something else?

Ghost me: Let me tell you the story about when I went to see the mountain gorillas…
Other ghost: I’m out *POOFS*

I will take lots of pictures and post them as soon as I get back. I am so excited to share this adventure with you (and hopefully not bore you with all the details). Maybe one day you can come visit and see them for yourself!

Happy Monday! As you go about your week, keep your eyes peeled for things that make you happy, or smile, or feel alive. Let me know if you find any, I’d love to hear about it–maybe I’ll share some too.




  One thought on “Ooo Ooo Eee Ah Ooooo

  1. Wanda Bussiere
    November 7, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Wow, so exciting! Looking forward to seeing all your gorilla photos when you get back!!
    One of the things that makes me feel alive is singing!! My church choir did an outreach concert at a nursing home this past weekend, and it was so heartwarming to see some of the residents start to sing along – one even got up and danced! We sang alot of songs they would know – and the only reason I knew them originally, was because Granny Sandra would sing them around the house all the time when we were growing up! “Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do..”. “Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents”….”Pack up all your care and woe, here I go, singing low, bye bye blackbird”…so thank you Granny / Mom for singing so much when we were young!
    Thinking of you Erica on the other side of the world, and sending you a virtual big gorilla hug!!
    Auntie Wanda xo


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