Can you believe I’ve been in Rwanda for almost 3 months already?  Sometimes it feels like I’ve never been anywhere else and sometimes I just really miss the Starbucks drive-through. Although, I’d trade Starbucks for the fresh fruits and avocados of Rwanda any day! Smoothies here are the best thing I’ve ever had. ANYWAY. Let me tell you about how I ended up here in Kigali for the next two and a half weeks. Life is wild.

20161119_145629School ended at the beginning of November, but I still had about a month or so before I boarded a plane home. I had no idea what to do for five weeks. I took two of those weeks to relax and finish up business in Musanze (AKA hanging out with friends, going shopping, some meetings here and there, etc.), but then I still had two and a half weeks left. A dear family friend had put me in touch with a man named William a few weeks earlier. William worked with an education program called Cornerstone and lived in Kigali so I thought I’d reach out and see if I could come visit or spend a weekend there. Instead of just a weekend, he put me in touch with a young, African couple who opened their house to me for the rest of the time I was in Rwanda! I had never met them except via email, but I was up for an adventure–new people, new places, more coffee shops. Perfect.

I hired a taxi to take me to Kigali, packed my things and said goodbye to my friends in Musanze (who promised to come visit me in Kigali before I left).

I had William’s number and he told me where to tell the taxi driver to go. Communication is always difficult when the driver doesn’t speak English, but we made it work! We made it to the house I’d be staying at and the couple met me at the gate. I wasn’t nervous at all, which was a welcome change. They introduced themselves as Dorah and Philip and welcomed me into their home, as simple as that.

Dorah and Philip are the sweetest, most laid back couple I’ve ever met. They have a small house right in the center of Kigali and they are so welcoming–I felt at ease right away. There’s no wifi at their house but honestly, it’s a nice break. We ate dinner together and then Dorah showed me their wedding video (a story for another time) before we went to bed. It was a long day, but everything worked out.

So I’m here in Kigali! For the next two and a half weeks!

It’s amazing how things come together, how people can be so kind, and open. I am blown away by the generosity and compassion of the people I’ve met in Rwanda.

As you begin this week, think of ways you can show generosity and kindness to the people around you. Trust me, a little kindness goes a long way.




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