Celebrate the Good Things

Today was a good day, I repeat: TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!


After what seemed like a lot of uphill struggles with myself, my expectations, my teaching, and so many other things (AKA life in general), I finally feel like I’ve reached the top of this mountain. I made it. I’m going to stay here a bit, drink in this view, embrace these feelings of confidence and satisfaction, reward my hard work, and then pick up my things and keep going. To the next hill, into the next valley, up another mountain. Kick some ass, rest, repeat!

Let me tell you about my two biggest successes today.

  1. I got high schoolers to actually do work on computers for 45 solid minutes!
    Most students don’t have computers at home so after school is the only time they have to go online. My SAT Prep class is after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the computer lab. 20170517_173421That’s like telling a four-year-old they can’t have dessert and then taking them to Dunkin’ Doughnuts. So I tried something new today. I told them they’d have 15 minutes at the end of class to go on any social media of their choice, IF they completed 5 practice quizzes AND did not go on Facebook (or any social media) during class. They already have a daily worksheet to keep track of what they’re working on, so I just had to check it to make sure they did five. It worked! It’s not perfect, teaching never is, but overall it was a success. Students did their work for 45 whole minutes. I love it when a plan comes together! I am very excited to see how these students improve throughout the year. They’re doing great already!
  2. At the nursery today, I took my kids outside and we did yoga! I found some fluffy mats in town that are just big enough for the kids to stretch out on and they worked perfectly as makeshift yoga mats. I was especially excited because one of my kids has a physical disability and entire_card_deck_gallerycan’t use the lower part of his legs, which means that he can’t participate much when we do sports. But when he is sitting he can move around and I just help him move his feet! We did child’s pose, downward dog, cobra pose, torso twists, butterfly, and tried to touch our toes. I absolutely LOVE the yoga cards we used today called Yoga 4 Classrooms; they are so practical for teaching. So glad I brought them! Doing yoga was fun, engaging, and it was the perfect break from sitting at their desks. I am so pumped that I can bring two of my favourite things together: teaching and yoga! Now if only I could find a way to add coffee….

I’m home now and ready to relax! Tonight I am rewarding myself with some fun self-care: wine, Netflix, and a hot bath….Treat yo self! How are you rewarding yourself for your hard work? Don’t forget to acknowledge your successes and take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. Life can be hard, but you’re doing it. You’re still here. That is something to celebrate!





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